What others say about the Workshops...

"I had a wonderful experience at a workshop and wanted to give kudos to Sally Valentine. I went with my partner, and not only was I delighted in the things I learned that I could take away and use in my own relationship, but I got a plethora of ideas to use with couples in my practice. I had some knowledge, but no actual experience with Tantra, and I really didn't know what I was missing. It definitely allowed me to delve into another level of sexuality and connection, and I hope I can use some of the techniques to help take couples in therapy to another level of connection with each other. And if that wasn't enough, the surroundings in Boca Raton were beautiful! If you ever have a chance, I would highly recommend. Thanks, Sally for a wonderful weekend! "

GH, PsyD
Clinical Psychologist

The workshop with Sally Valentine was a real treat. Sally has a way of explaining the tantra practices that I could easily understand. She also made me feel very comfortable and safe while doing them. It is very apparent that Sally has a large level of competence in the subject matter and she really loves the work that she does. Her level of planning and attention towards her work makes for a really great workshop.

*** Male in his 30s -- Sacred Intimacy/Sacred Sexuality

"The warmth and energy that I felt around the room was amazing. To participate in something like this is a journey that has just started for me"
*** Male in his 30's - Introduction to Tantra Partnering for couples

"This workshop gave me and my partner back a sweet closeness that we have been missing for awhile"

*** Female in her 30's - Introduction to Tantra Partnering for couples

"I believe any couple can improve their relationship in a dramatic way in just one week-end. A must do for anyone who is committed to growth"
*** Male in his 40's - Introduction to Tantra Partnering for couples

" This workshop has allowed me to feel closer to my partner and awaken feelings and connections we haven't felt in a long time----some NEVER. I found this experience very emotional"
*** Female in her 60's - Tantra Partnering Workshop

" Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this experience. You and your teachings have opened my eyes, at least to how I can be a better partner. Lucky the man who gets me after I have learned from you"
*** Female in her 40's - Introduction to Sacred Sexuality for Singles

" This workshop promotes healthy sexuality utilizing positive intentions, planning and experiential exercises."
*** Male in his 60's - Introduction to Sacred Sexuality

"I now have some very practical tools to help me and my partner with "stuff" when it comes up. I feel so hopeful about creating a truly intimate connection because of what I've learned through Sally's workshop."

*** Female in her 40's - Introduction to Sacred Sexuality

"Words that describe Sacred Sexuality, heart-centered, conscious, intentional, safe…Words that describe this workshop is heart-centered, safe, organized, experiential, healing"
*** Female in her 50's - Introduction to Sacred Sexuality

"This was my first time at the Sacred Sexuality Workshop, and for someone who knew nothing it was easy to follow. I will take every experience with me for the rest of my life"

*** Female in her 20's - Introduction to Sacred Sexuality for Couples

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