Tantra Sexuality

Exploring the Sacredness of Tantra Sexuality

“Tantra sexuality sometimes carries with it unknowns, misconceptions, myths, and confusion. I find most of the general public doesn’t know what tantra sexuality actually is and definitions are so varied, it is hard to understand. Part of the reason is that tantra is an experiential spiritual path. Meaning that one must experience it to get an understanding of what tantra is. What tantra is not: it is not a religion, it is not a cult, it doesn’t have rules or regulations and it includes everyone! For me, the greatest allure is the sacredness of tantra. Tantra reveres sex, reveres all beings, and reveres the body as blessed and divine. Imagine that….no matter what shape, size, and age of our bodies, we are divine! Tantra encourages looking past the personality and into the divine of each person to which we connect.

Tantra is the weaving of spirit and sex. Through an awareness and consciousness of our energies we are able to shift our energy throughout our bodies, which can enhance our depth of connection with ourselves and our partner. Tantra partnering includes honest communication, eye gazing, and fully tapping into our senses by means of touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, and hearing. Practices of tantra include fully breathing, breathwork, visualization, and meditation.

My interest in tantric sexuality and consequent spiritual path appeared when I least expected it. It started with learning about tantra through research for my dissertation in clinical sexology. It seemed that tantric articles kept popping up during my literature search. Each article built on the intrigue of the article before it. I knew at the time I was studying tantra that all that tantra encompassed is what I wanted in my life. I wanted to feel the aliveness and depth of a spiritual connection in my sexual encounters with my partner, I wanted to know and appreciate the wholeness of my body which the tantric path encourages, I wanted a greater continuity of relationship with myself, my spirit, and spiritual connection and all those that are close and important to me. Not only did I know I wanted this way of living, I felt other people might also want this, especially, my clients, friends, and colleagues. I believed then and I believe now, that sex is a spiritual event. As I see it, if more people viewed and experienced sex as spiritual, there would be fewer sexual dysfunctions (for some), fewer sexual disconnects and people would feel more open to experience their sexuality fully and in general, may feel more joyful.

The tantra workshops that I offer are an extension of my belief. My background in workshop facilitation, deep core work and training with the Wellness Institute, tantra training, and my clinical sexology and psychotherapy private practice, combines to create a powerful, passionate, sacred, informative and fun workshop experience. Some of the workshops are designed for couples and some for singles and couples. Whether one is in partnership or not, these workshops can be transforming…after all, learning and getting to know oneself, is the foundation for a solid connection with self and current/future relationships!"

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