Personal Transformation Intensive

Personal transformation means getting down below the surface level of the roles that you play to the deeper level of who you really are. Most people have layers upon layers of emotional, physical, and mental blocks that keep them from knowing the truth about who they are and what they can really accomplish in their lives.
Releasing these blocks means the difference between being in charge of your life or having the hidden parts of yourself in charge.
The PTI is an opportunity to explore these deeper levels and move beyond our self-imposed limitations.
Program focuses on: codependency, addictions, sexual abuse, mind/body issues, relationships and more.

Experience these powerful techniques:

  • Hypnotherapy (a dramatic combination of traditional hypnosis, Gestalt approaches, and energy work)
  • Breath work (sometimes called "conscious connected breathing" or "rebirthing"; Integrates one's emotional, physical and spiritual healing)
  • Energetic Psychodrama (an awesomely powerful form of psychodrama that incorporates trance work and energy work within a traditional psychodrama format)
  • Guided visualization and meditation .
The PTI is a powerful personal growth program for anyone ready to make a substantial change. It is a valuable adjunct to individual therapy because it takes participants further in their growth than weekly sessions.
The group processes create an environment in which participants can examine themselves and try out new behaviors. Techniques are taught for clearing relationship problems. Each person is a member of a MasterMind group for the purpose of learning to manifest goals.
It is structured as a 5-month group process and is facilitated by specially trained Heart Centered Transformational Psychotherapists. The 125- hour PTI program meets one weekend per month for 5 months.
The weekend retreats are Friday night from 5:00pm through Sunday, ending at 5:00pm.

What others have said about their experiences
This has been a very powerful and enlightening experience. Sally, you have such a pure gift of knowing just what we each needed when we needed it. You have so much love-you radiate. I have learned so much from this, I am not the same person I was on the first day!
Julia, Office manager, Age 50

The PTI was a powerful and moving experience! I was able to grow psychospiritually in a way I’ve never before experienced. The processes and tools we employed were all catalysts for opportunities to change and grow. I will always cherish the experience, the people and my facilitator. A deep and moving journey.
Marcy, Facilitator of Team Building Programs, Age 47

This PTI seminar was the most powerful seminar that I have ever experienced. Hour for hour, I believe it was the best investment I could make for my future. Sally Valentine is a phenomenal facilitator!
Brian, Business Owner, Age 50

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