10 Tips To Improve Your Sex Life

Sally Valentine, PhD, LCSW
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10 Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

1) Take care of your physical health. Exercise, rest, and reduce stress. Eat a healthy diet. Laugh often.
2) Sexuality begins within you. Reconnect with your own sexuality first. Know what turns you on and where your erogenous hot spots are located.
3) Talk to your partner about what you know brings pleasure to you. Ask about what is pleasing for him/her. Try something different. Take a Tantric Workshop. Visit the bookstore sexuality section. Use a vibrator and other “toys”.
4) Make time for sexual intimacy either by scheduling time or reducing the amount of things that fill your time.
5) Work on improving the health of your relationship. A healthy relationship is very important in promoting sexuality.
6) Remember that sexual intimacy is more than orgasmic performance. It begins with seductive eye contact and continues through with eye gazing.
7) Try a lubricant! Lubricants come in many different forms and the one you choose should not only serve to reduce friction but also not be chemically irritating. There are many commercially produced lubricants to aid your body’s normal lubricant which will improve sensory pleasure.
8) Do your “Kegels”. Kegels are pelvic floor squeezes which strengthen the PC (pubococcygeus) muscles. To exercise this muscle, imagine urinating and then stopping the flow. Squeeze for 10 seconds, release, and repeat several times every day.
9) Protect your sexual health. Practice safe sex. Get checked regularly.
10) Aging and disability does not mean the end of sexuality. It does mean that you will have to be open and creative.

“Sexual health is inextricably bound to both physical and mental health. Just as physical and mental health problems can contribute to sexual dysfunction and diseases, those dysfunctions and diseases can contribute to physical and mental health problems. Sexual health is not limited to the absence of disease or dysfunction, nor is its importance confined to just the reproductive years…...” US Surgeon General’s Call to Action (2003)
Discuss your sexual health with your healthcare provider. Ask about how your health status and medications may impact your sexual health.

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